Excellent Choices For Your Next Dallas Dining Experience

Dicover Dallas and all of its great restaurants. The following four places to eat should be on your radar. They are top-ranked dining establishments that are known in Dallas to be some of the best. What type of food are you looking to enjoy this time around? Let’s see if one of these Dallas restaurants fits your tastes when looking for your next meal.

The Original Market Diner is on Harry Hines Boulevard, and it is a great place to order up chicken and dumplings, french toast, a Greek omelet and all kinds of things. Reviews point to generous portions, so you know you’re going to get your fill. The menu seems to be quite eclectic, don’t you agree? The Original Market Diner is one of those unique dining experiences in Dallas that you and your family will enjoy.

Cadot Restaurant is certainly a little different, too. This establishment serves up French cuisine, although I think I would pass on the escargot appetizer, but the apple tart and more sounds really good. How does lentil soup sound to you? It may not seem like much, but lentil soup is delicious. My mom likes it a lot. Cadot Restaurant also serves up duck, bibb lettuce salad, veal scallopinin and lot of other menu items.

Lavendou on Preston Road is another restaurant that looks like it features a great fine dining menu. The escargot makes it on there again, but there are other delicious foods to try. Pommes Frites, crab and french onion soup are three other choices mentioned in reviews. Then there are the frog legs. Yes, I would pass on those, too. However, this restaurant is said to be a delight.

The Rustic is located on Howell Street, and some of the menu items served up there include peanut butter pie, pork chops and burgers. Deviled eggs, avocado salad and queso also make the menu highlights. The Rustic is a farm to table restaurant, so you’re really going to enjoy this Dallas dining experience. They are known for their service, too.

Are you going to try out the farm to table restaurant first? Perhaps you would rather give the fine dining experience a try at one of the two French restaurants mentioned here. My first pick would be the Original Market Diner, but they are all four excellent choices for dining out in Dallas. You are sure to eat some great food.